I was born on 14th December in 1989 in Tallinn, but for the biggest part of my life I have lived in the Estonian summercapital Pärnu. I'm 25 years old.
In 2009 I graduated from Pärnu Hansaetic Gymnasium, after having studied there from 1st grade.

At the moment I'm working as a photographer/designer at a small photo-shop in Pärnu and studying at Pärnu Saksa Tehnoloogiakool to become a multimedia designer.

I first started with photography as a hobby in 2004 when I had my first little digital camera - Canon PowerShot A410. With that I took photos of everything that I saw. At one point I "discovered" the macro option and from that point that was all I wanted from that camera. I started following bugs around, especially those that flew. And then I got hold of my father's dSLR Nikon D100 and continued taking photos with that. Most of the time I take pictures with Nikkor macro lens. Or you could also say, I create my art with that.
Times change and technology changes. My current tool is the Nikon D7000.

With my photos I have participated in a yearly organized photoexhibition "Pärnumaa Foto" by the local newspaper Pärnu Postimees 8 years in a row. On my second year of participation (2007) the organizers loved one of my photos called "Wants to become a dragonfly when grows up" and I gained
recognition and received a Canon photo printer as a prize.

In 2009 I participated in a contest called "I love to catch smiles" which was held in an Estonian photo environment nagi.ee with my photo called "Anett and Tess" and walked away with the main prize - a Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

You can also find my photos here:

I have exhibited my photos:
Estonian House in Stockholm (Sweden)                                  21 May - 10 June 2010
Pärnu Visitor Centre                                                              19 June - 31 July 2011
Pärnu Hansaetic Gymnasium                                                 30 August  - 11 October 2011
Vaasa Library (Finland)                                                          1 June - 29 June 2012
Vähäkyrö and Savilahtitalo (with the elderly of Vaasa)               1 August - 28 August 2012
Pärnu Visitor Centre                                                              23 September - 1 November 2012
Pärnu Dental Polyclinic                                                         28 November 2012 - 2 February 2015

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